Dec 30, 2014

A continuation

So it´s the end of the year. I haven´t got any new finished pieces and I still don´t have much time on my hands. As for the pieces that I have in progress, they are far from done, I realized I need to do around a thousand more varied studies just to get them where I want.
The sad fact is, school and work are taking the most of my time anda little to none of that time has to do with studies or painting. So after a few months of not having time for it, I sat down to draw and realized I am stuck. I couldn´t even do a study right. But I did on the second try. And I continued with a few more these last days. Still I really see the lack in my skill, the progress and the gap in the whole process of learning and creating that appeared.
I don´t know when I´ll have new pieces and how long it will take me to get back into it, but I will continue with the studies until I feel like back on the track. I just finished number 26 (not alike at all, argh) and I still have many more to go.. One good thing is that however discouraged I get, I still can see the improvement on these studies...